Our Blue Light Filter blocks the high energy radiation emitted by digital screens which causes eye strain and headaches by the end of the day. You can add it to any frame, with or without a prescription, for just KSh 3,000 extra.

Why wear screen glasses?

If, like us, you spend more and more time in front of your phone or computer, you might find these useful. Let us explain.

Blue light has very short, high-energy waves.

It scatters more than other wavelengths, casting a glare that reduces your visual contrasts and affects clarity and sharpness. Basically, it causes your eyes to misfocus, and they need to work harder to process the rays.

As a result, you blink a lot less than you should – and fewer blinks mean less moisture and more strain on your eyes.

But it's not all bad

There are two types of blue light in the visible light spectrum.

Blue turquoise light is different from the harmful blue violet light – it regulates the body’s sleep and wake cycles, helping your brain tell the difference between day and night. It also boosts alertness and elevates your mood!

This is why our Blue Light Filter selectively blocks harmful blue violet light, while letting essential blue-turquoise light pass through.