Our prescription lenses are manufactured by the world’s best suppliers. They all have an extensive experience in the industry, providing top-notch technology to meet a variety of vision needs.

Prescription types


This is the standard lens choice. Single-vision lenses use one  prescription over the whole surface of the lens — correcting either near, intermediate or distance vision. 

Single-vision lenses are included in the price of our frames. That makes it KSh 6,500 for any pair that you choose.


Around 40-45 years old, many people start having difficulty reading fine print and looking at things up-close. This condition is called presbyopia, and it’s nothing more than your eyes’ normal ageing process (you’ve joined the club if you have an “ADD” value on your prescription).

How they work

Progressive lenses are designed to incorporate both near and distance correction — allowing you to see everything clearly with a single pair. They provide a gradual transition in strength from top to bottom, making it convenient for intermediate viewing distance too. Basically, they mimic the natural vision you enjoyed before the onset of presbyopia.

How to get used to them

Know that it takes a bit of time and practice to adjust to progressive lenses. It’s important that you look through the correct part of the lens — the lower part when you’re reading, straight ahead for distance, and the sweet spot in-between for computer work. You might also experience some blurriness on the edges, but this sensation generally goes away after a few days.

Don’t worry, you have 30 days to adjust to them. If it still doesn’t feel right, book an appointment with our optometrists and we’ll make all the necessary changes. This guarantee is on us.

Thin lenses

If your prescription is above +/- 4 dioptres (it’s this “SPH” number!), we recommend thin lenses for a better comfort. They are up to 20% thinner than our regular lenses. 

For especially high prescriptions of +/- 6 dioptres, thin lenses are required.

Coatings & Filters

Coming with every pair, at no additional cost.

Anti-scratch coating

Your lenses are less prone to getting ugly scratches, keeping them as good as new for much longer

Anti-reflective coating

This treatment reduces glare and reflection, easing eye strain and improving the sharpness of your vision. Oh, and it also makes your eyes more visible — get those peepers the attention they deserve!

Ultraviolet protection

All our lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, granting you the best possible protection against the sun.

Anti Blue Light

You can equip your lenses with our Blue Light Filter for just KSh 3,000 extra. It blocks the high energy radiation emitted by the sun and digital screens, easing the strain on your eyes.


These light-responsive lenses look like regular clear lenses indoors, but seamlessly transition to a darker tint when exposed to UV rays, providing all-day soothing vision. Not only are photochromic lenses very convenient — you don’t need to carry around two pairs of glasses — but they also save you money. This option is only KSh 3,000 extra.